Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Faces of Hudson

Sweet baby boy . . . How is it that you have turned 17 months old?
It seems just yesterday you were born
Before we knew it you turned one
We blinked and then you were walking
And now you are this little toddler desperately trying every day to keep up with your siblings 
While you are the smallest one in the house, you make certain every day that you are heard (it is easy to say you are the loudest by far!). 

I forget sometimes that you are growing up. This morning you gave me a very subtle and crazy reminder! I was sitting on the couch and you walked over, opened my hand, and put a tiny key in it. I almost started crying . . . it was my first glimpse of you as not a baby . . . I mean, you didn't eat the key!! It sounds silly, but it's true . . . and I know that it's sweet moments like that I will hold in head as you learn the word no and enter into the wonderful years of twos and threes that are coming . . . but for now I sit in awe of how big you are getting . . . Because this was yesterday . . . 

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