Sunday, May 1, 2016

5 Years Old

Our first baby boy turned 5 on Friday and had a super fun Spider Man bash on Saturday to celebrate. I know I say it all the time, but it's so true . . . I don't know how we went from this . . . 
to this . . . 
In the blink of an eye . . .

I would always here moms say that the love for a boy is different for a mom than the love for a girl. I am so beyond grateful that I get to experience both . . . but they were right, it's very different. When that sweet boy looks at me and says "I love you", it hits me right in the heart. This is one of my favorite pictures that Jayson took a few years ago (I was pregnant with Hudson at the time).
The party this year was so much fun - we rented a couple of bouncies and had a backyard bash!
So happy to have these boys here to celebrate with us!!!
Big H was too busy enjoying a cupcake to enter into the group pic!
Everyone was Spider-Man'd out - Evan Mommy and Daddy had shirts with Spider-Man stickers!

Evan and Bryce were helping with the clean up of frosting when we weren't looking . . . they were waiting for their cake slices while we handed out cupcakes.
My good friend, Stone, was bringing this chalkboard for the kids and her extremely talented daughter decided to draw a picture for Evan!
All in all a huge success for my first superhero party!
As of Saturday I have now had to explain to Evan no less than 5 times that he isn't 5 and a half until October!!! And he has told me no less than 20 times that he is not happy about having to wait until August to start Kindergarten - he thought he got to go as soon as he turned 5!!!

Birthday season in the Crandall house has officially been kicked off! And my baby boy is officially a kid!

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