Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy # 2 Big H

Hudson's birthday was small and low key. It was also a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse explosion in our house!
Jayson snapped a picture of him opening presents . . . as soon as I saw it, I knew I had seen that face on another 2 year old opening her presents a mere week before she became a big sister for the first time . . . 
And of course the cake part was naturally eventful!
Apparently watching my child blow out the birthday candle is much like putting on mascara - it's impossible to do with my mouth closed!
Even the dogs were worn out (7 kids in the house can do that to anyone).
And a few pictures from last weekend's right of passage for 2 year olds in this house . . . Hudson's first participatory trip to Home Depot!
My sweet baby boy . . . 2 years ago, this was us the day after your birthday . . . 
You still sleep with that blanket every night . . . Today we went to the doctor for your checkup . . . And you, my smallest baby at birth, have met and matched your brother at 2. Today you were 29.3lbs and 36.5in (1lb smaller than Evan but 1/2in taller!). Life isn't always easy with you right now . . . you don't have many words, and like to express your frustration for the lack of expressive language with screams (lots of them!).  But I am still so very grateful that you are the bookend to all things motherhood for me . . . I love you Hudson Eric!

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