Wednesday, September 14, 2016

That Was a Long Break

Life got a little crazy after that Pearl Jam concert in the previous post. I will fill in the last few weeks with pictures - but the big news is that the house is on the market and we are moving to Colorado! We always said someday we would end there . . . We just got tired of waiting for someday! I will say the news has turned out to be like when Jay and I eloped - we should've waited til it was done to tell people. Based on some of the reactions that we've gotten we are either still 20 years old or Colorado is the fiery pit of hell we shouldn't be taking children to live in . . . oh well, we are excited as heck and are ready to make our plan work.

This is the view from my boss' house in Golden - going for something like this:
Lunch at school 
Sam's first cross country race - she shaved 2 minutes off her time
Ben Harper at Live on the Green in Nashville 
Last day walking to school with the Holloways . . . They officially moved yesterday . . . As much as we all tried, this just isn't the place for us to call home - and the fact that we all decided at the same time just makes it a little easier!
Grandpa Frank came into town for dinner and a visit . . . the kids LOVE him so much!

And we wrapped up last week with our first garage sale - there will be another one! At this point we are just making it through showings and crossing our fingers someone needs this home as much as we do . . . 

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