Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Break So Far

Well it was definitely a rough start with 3 of the 4 kiddos coming down with strep! Marlie was the only one spared . . . my sweet, pitiful boys . . . 
Everyone got well in time to go to Disney on Ice! Our Girl Scout troop got some of the best seats in the house for super cheap!
Big H loved seeing Mickey on the ice 
Unfortunately the strep finally took me down on Saturday - which was Jayson's birthday, so that put a damper on plans for the day. We finally made it out for dinner on Monday night to celebrate.
The kids have been enjoying a lot of time outside all week since we finally have some fall weather. They came in one morning after being out on the playground and were telling me how cold they were (it was 60 degrees out) - so they insisted on having some hot chocolate to warm themselves up.
The afternoons have been sunny but cool - so that's been our favorite time to be in the backyard. I feel like we are getting the outdoor time I wanted all summer, but it was just WAY too hot. Reason #8 we are moving to the mountains - we want to be outside and play with the kiddos without dripping sweat!!
Tuesday was a rough day for Samantha. She had to have 4 teeth pulled to make room for some new teeth (Marlie had the same 4 pulled at the same age for the same reason).
I think it's always hardest to see her in pain - life for her is always sunshine and rainbows and it's hard to see her not happy because she is 99% of the time all smiles. But she was brave and bounced back super quickly! 

And today we had to step away from the kids for a bit for some not so fun business. The van decided to reach a sudden death last night. We were planning on trading it in eventually to get a 4 wheel drive vehicle before heading out west - this was just a little sooner than we had planned. But Jayson picked out his new truck - and we will pick it up on Monday. This was his first pick:
Hahaha - they had a Hummer limo!! But he settled on a 2010 Chevy Silverado - I joked that he already feels cooler because he's no longer driving a minivan!!

We have the weekend to pack in some more fun before back to school on Monday!

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