Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clarksville - the Gateway to the South

Well according to Google images this is a picture of the beautiful downtown Clarksville . . .

Why am I writing about Clarksville?? Because as of 8pm tonight, it turns out that's where we're moving! Jayson was in Murfreesboro today for a 2 day trip and found out there has been a change of plans . . . luckily this is the OC that we're dealing with, so they were super cool about it and gave him some good reasons . . . and he doesn't have to stay for the 2nd day of the meeting so he'll be home tomorrow morning :)

So I'm glad we got to explore Murfreesboro for a few days . . . now it's time to go explore Clarksville!!

As I always say, something in the universe happened to develop the misconception that life was getting a little too boring, and that I almost had a few plans implemented . . . Change is truly the only thing in our lives that is constant . . . .

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