Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whipping Shittys

Unfortunately we didn't get around to it last night - but how can you beat that as a blog title!??!?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Midwest slang - whipping shittys means doing donuts in the snow/ice in your car. This is a phrase Jayson and I learned, oddly enough from different servers in our respective restaurants during a winter in Minnesota . . . thank you Jeff Altringer wherever you are for teaching me about whipping shittys in your awesome 80's stationwagon!

We did however do a little midnight sledding with our friends/neighbors in their back yard. Can't beat a 30 gallon garbage bag for some serious slick sledding!

Then this morning we took the girls out and built our snowmen - excuse me, our snow bunnies - Max and Ruby (if you don't get the reference, google it on nickjr!). And we attempted some hot chocolate . . . somehow Sam just ended up drinking hers with a spoon while sitting in the sink . . .

I am so happy I have finally reached that point where I love snow again . . .

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