Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Girls

Samantha Michelle - it was kinda exciting this morning when she walked into the bathroom, said "potty" and then sat down on her little potty and went . . . granted she had her diaper on, but nonetheless, she did it all by herself and completely unprompted. But it was SUPER exciting when she did for a 2nd time tonight!!!!!! Marlie started going on the potty in April before she was 2, so we are a few months ahead of that . . . Marlie was full out done with diapers and pull ups 8 weeks after she was 2, so maybe Sammie will make her 2nd b-day in big girl panties? Don't know that I am fully ready to undertake the potty training again, but if Sam follows sister's lead, it won't be that bad . . .

Marlie Katherine - she had a blast building 5 snow bunnies - Max, Ruby, Roger, Louise, and Valerie! She also had fun doing some craft projects this weekend with her Grandpa (**side note: if you haven't explored the craft supplies and craft kits at the Dollar Tree, they are actually AWESOME - when you pay $1 for something, it makes it easier to sit back and let the kiddo take control**). Also thanks to the Dollar Tree, we are currently working on our Mickey Mouse workbook for the alphabet - A and M are our solid letters for writing, but C and S are coming along!!!! And letter recognition is complete on both big and little letters!

These chics are a handful, especially when I'm on my own 90% of the time with them - but they are also amazing and are the little loves of my life :)


Kasey Noel Rose said...

Snow?!?!?! I thought you lived down in the banana-belt! Cute pics :)

Abby said...

Max & Ruby rocks! Came across for Max and Ruby toys, Max and Ruby DVDs, and Max and Ruby dolls.