Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Good Read

I picked this book up at the library last week and I don't think I can say enough good things about it. I did also pick up Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. I have read them side by side to compare and contrast them. While I know that some people feel that Ramsey is the best thing going - he's a little too faith based to make it believable to me. And Suze Orman is just enough of a bitch for me to like her :)

One of the main differences of this particular Orman piece is that she recognizes where people my age are. It just isn't reality to think that someone in my position is going to be 100% debt free at this point. Let me clarify - if you are the person that had Mom and Dad pay for college, and make your car payment, and you came out of college debt free - YOU ARE NOT THE PERSON THAT THIS BOOK IS FOR! You are fortunate - and I will leave it at that.

But for those of us that worked through college, and got out early but still came out with a monumental student loan, and got that first job where your salary was less than you owed to that fabulous college degree, and had your high school car crap out right as you were graduating and able to make a car payment - this is the book for you. It's got some good suggestions and good tools in it - but it's realistic!

Like realistically - at this point in life, I have debt, I am going to have debt, and with 2 kids and a husband that keeps re-starting his career - a savings account is something that I will dream about for my 30s :)

Of course, if someone came along and doubled my salary I could get that savings account earlier . . . but isn't that wishful thinking?!? ;) Maybe not - I'll let you know next week!

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Jenny said...

This type of thing makes me glad I married an accountant--I don't have to worry about this stuff for the rest of my life. I make the pot roast and he worries about money...ok, that was a joke but it is kind of true :)