Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Weekend

Just a pic from our trip to Clarksville of the girls enjoying a McDonald's playground (it was on the way there and they had a jammie party at school for V-Day, that's why they're in their pajamas!).

Saturday was a hectic day . . . since Jayson had found a house we thought we'd just be signing paperwork. Well we looked at the house before the deposit was handed over . . .and good thing. Apparently I am the only person that noticed the horrible smell of cat pee and saw the completely stained carpets . . . I looked at the realtor to tell him this was unsanitary and we better get to work because we only had a few hours to find a house . . . and then I see Marlie running around on these carpets with no shoes - mini heart attack!!!!!

Luckily, we had a great realtor (even though he may not have a sense of smell or sight!) - and we found an AWESOME house!!! I have no pics because it was a rush to the finish before the leasing offices closed on Saturday. But it's a 3 story, basement and garage on the bottom, main living area in the middle, and 3bd 2ba on the top level. And it won't be such a stretch on the downsizing because it has 1850 sq ft :)

And luckily Jayson followed us back on Sunday because he was off yesterday and today - we were supposed to have dinner and celebrate our anniversary (7 years!!! WOOHOO!!) - but as soon as we rolled into town I went straight to urgent care to make sure I wasn't dying suddenly - nope, just strep throat!!!! UGH! So luckily he is here to take care of the girls - but it would've been nice to celebrate . . .

Anyway - moving day also changed - now it's the 12th . . . so instead of 2 weeks of paper plates, I'm looking at a month with my kitchen packed - OOPS!!! hahahaha

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Tina. said...

Man oh man what a hectic weekend!! I hope you're feeling better now, what with getting strep throat on top of everything.