Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The New House . . . for Real this Time!

Seriously this time . . . this is a pic of our new house in Clarksville . . . at least for 12 months of a lease :)

The driveway is on the right side in this pic and goes down under the house to the garage and basement.

It will be a fun surprise for everyone on moving day since I'm the only one that has seen the inside!! It's going to be great for a year and I will post pics once we get in and unpacked in just 3 short weeks!!

And it's nice - there's little things we don't have to give up (jacuzzi tub, 2 sinks in the master bath, a fireplace, and a formal dining room, and a huge deck) and we get a few little bonuses - a gas fireplace that actually opens (ours is a closed glass front) and a gas stove (something that has been on Jay's wish list).

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Kasey Noel Rose said...

Yay! I love it! It looks so nice :)