Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Thankful Post

I love our daughters unconditionally - obviously, I'm a mother. But if I were being honest, I would say there are some days that I don't really like them a whole lot. I mean, they can be selfish, moody, and downright insensitive people some days. And there are some nights I sit down and truly believe that they have multiple personality disorders that one day will require medication!!

But then there are days like today . . . days where every time you turn around it's like someone is giving you a pat on the back in the form of your child's behavior. We went to breakfast this morning and everything was please and thank you. Everyone shared when someone asked for something - and there was no fussing and there was no whining. There were smiles and giggles, there was eating, and there were manners. Then at home there was playing together and more sharing - no fighting. At the store, there were 2 perfectly behaved little girls that looked with eyes not hands, stood by my side the whole time, said excuse me, and even stopped to give each other a hug just because. I have to stop and be so thankful for my daughters . . . they are 2 amazing little people!

There aren't too many mornings like the one we've had , , , and everyone is peacefully sleeping for a nap now . . . so it's something worth penning for memory sake . . . and it something that will stay in my memory after naptime when they turn to another one of their personalities :) hahaha


Wiz said...

Sounds like a great day. I also see you are heading to the beach in three days!! I am so jealous. We are going at the end of June and I cannot wait!

Kasey Noel Rose said...

Aren't those the best days? Good idea to write it down....