Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Few Notes

The view from our condo - just 48 hrs to go!

HA!!!!! At the end of my post yesterday I said that I would have to remember how angelic my girls were being because after naptime they would probably turn into their alternate selves . . .

Well we had a snack, played outside, and then as I was cooking dinner I was on the phone with a few people trying to calmly deal with some stupidness that was occurring in our lives. Well, the girls decided to have a screaming match . . . and then all went quiet - I assumed Dora had come on, so I continued to cook dinner and have a conversation on the phone . . . NO - Dora had not come on, I would've known that if I'd looked at the clock - Marlie was doing a puzzle (awesome) but Samantha had made her way into the playroom, figured she would give the stepstool a try, successfully made it up 2 shelves to the craft basket and was in the process of very quietly squirting finger paints all over the carpet . . . .note to self: move finger paints to the 3rd shelf!!!!!

On another note, today is the last day of school for the girls. We LOVE the school we've found for them - but we've reached a point where changes need to start happening financially - paying a mortgage, rent, utilities and lawn care on 2 homes, and all of our normal bills is damn tough - so we're taking a summer vacation from school and we'll see where we're at in the fall. Did you hear that world - I am learning flexibility, can the lesson be done now?!?!?!!?!?!?!

But while they're at school I am packing us up to leave for vacation tomorrow!! Ahhhhhhh. We're heading down to Atlanta tomorrow and then we'll leave for the beach Saturday morning with Grandma and Grandpa. Let me tell you something - between Jayson and I, we have EARNED this vacation and time with our family in the greatest sense of the word!!!!! For 1 week I am going to forget that I am unemployed, building a business, going into financial ruin because our home won't sell, and that sometimes there are parts of life that just plain suck . . . and I am going to sit on the beach in peace with my family . . . .

Oh - and no way I am taking a computer, so pics will be on in about 11 days - I have seriously contemplated leaving my phone at home even :) But I'll take it . . . . but maybe I can hide the I-Pod from Jay so at least he has to listen to 12 hours of Elmo songs with me :) hehehe

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

You will be fine. You just need a break. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself because we are going to rock your MK business when you get back!