Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Movie?!

I re-read a blogpost today and was reminded how much I loved it the first time. If you click on my blogroll on Simple Mom, it is reposted today.

The entry talks about looking at the story you're living. If your life were a movie, would you want to watch it?! My initial reaction is a big HELL YA!!! I have certain moments throughout the last 10 years that would be cinematically spectacular . . . some in comedy, others in tragedy, others in the line of comedy that is more Super Troopers and Half Baked than true comedy (who was there when our deck collapsed? or when I was hauled to jail? or a number of other hilarious stories that I probably shouldn't share since I don't know how old my kids will be when they read this!!). Anyway, I don't feel like we let our lives get too mundane around here - routine, absolutely, but not boring! That's just how we roll :) But I actually take pretty seriously the "story" we write as parents and as a family . . . it's kinda a basic tenet of believing in karma as a universal principle . . . I am very conscious of what our movie looks like, but the humor is definitely not lost . . .

So today would've fallen in the "stoner" genre of comedy. The scene would be entitled "Helium". Said scene would've contained me deflating the above pictured balloons (i.e. the longest inflated balloons ever purchased!) to explain to my daughters what happens when you suck the helium from a balloon . . . and then proceed to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

I do not think in my 4 years of motherhood I have ever seen such hilarity take place. I am pretty certain that they thought it was the funniest moment of their lives! And to date, it probably was!!

I wonder all the time if I am teaching our daughters everything they need to know and doing so on track at the right times . . . no worries though, I do not forget the valuable and finer points, such as sucking helium . . . so if my life was a movie, would I want to watch it?! OH YEA!! And twice after a few beers :)

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Tina. said...

...well, I was on the deck when it collapsed. And cowering in my car that fateful night when I saw cop cars. So glad I could share in some of the more memorable times of your life pre-kids!