Friday, July 9, 2010

Finishing our Week

I find myself with zero energy today . . . not sure why. But alas, we went to story time this morning and have still enjoyed our rainy day so far. Unfortunately, no matter how tired I am, even when the kiddos go down, I can't rest . . . naptime is go time!! hehe

The pic above is of the girls yesterday when they received a package in the mail. Our friend in Minnesota sent them a box full of jewelery and dress up stuff - so they had to put ALL of it on at the same time!!! Jayson thought it was odd that I then let them wear it all out to the store . . .why not?! I say if you can rock a tutu and 13 bracelets and still look good - power to you!! Granted it was pink and not black, but anyone remember Madonna circa 1985?! She rocked a tutu-like skirt and 100 bracelets :) Thank you Jenny for helping Marlie realize her undiscovered dream of wanting to be a rock star! :)

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