Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jazz on the Lawn

Last night we went to a bi-weekly event at our local winery called Jazz on the Lawn. Basically everyone goes out to the open field part of the winery, throws down some chairs and blankets, and listens to the band on stage. Now the band wasn't necessarily jazz - but they were a good cover band playing songs that bring back memories i.e. Walking in Memphis, Desperado, and some grooving Steve Miller Band!

It was the girls' first concert! They had a blast!
There was dancing with Daddy!
Solo Dancing!
Ring pops - as you call tell by Marlie's mouth!

Running through the vineyards - side note - these people are obviously your good ole' trusting Southerners to let people sit around their grapes that are just about to be harvested!
Some snoozing
And the COOLEST invention EVER! Seriously - not that we would've had money for something like a stemware stake in college (or the stemware for the matter) - but how awesome would this have been at functions and field parties?!?! Hmmm, possible million dollar idea - make one to hold a 16 oz solo cup! :)

It was an interesting evening . . . it's an awesome feeling that you can only get in a small town. And it was thought provoking to look around and think that you always come full circle in life. I saw the 12 year old girls there with their parents trying to look cool . . . the 20 year old sitting next to me with a 32 oz pop cup that was clearly not filled with pop, smoking her cigarette and talking about trying to figure out her life (HA!) . . . . then the parents with little kids just happy to be in the open air and enjoy a glass of wine (us!) . . . . and then the 50-60 yr olds. I looked at Jayson and told him that I had been in every category except the last one - so we just need to figure out if we'll be the people with the wine stakes drinking and enjoying the music - or the crazy older people at the front getting wasted on wine and dancing to the cover band . . . . I think if you know us, you could take a guess :)

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