Saturday, August 28, 2010

Too Many Titles to Choose From

Oh, I toyed around with several different labels for this post - but just couldn't pick one:
  • #3
  • Tipping the Scale
  • No longer a Nuclear Family
  • It was planned
But the bottom line is . . . Baby #3 will be joining our family around the end of April . . . and we are THRILLED!

I feel compelled to pen a few things . . . first would be, no I am not crazy because I am sharing news of pregnancy at 5 weeks. I did with Marlie and it was 4 weeks with Samantha. I thought about it this time given recent events in some of our friends' lives where they have lost a pregnancy. And while that weighed on my heart for a while, I have never made a decision in my life based on someone else's events. Nor have I sat down and thought of the worst possible outcome to an event and made a decision based on that. I tend to go with my gut . . . and let's be honest, I am so horrible at keeping secrets . . . well, most anyway ;)

The next would be to say that this was planned. People seem to have a general tendency when you get past 2 kids that everything else in an "oops". Nope - that's not me friends . . . I am a planner . . . and I have said for years that we want 4 children. This one is just coming a little later because it took a little longer for us to come to peace with Samantha and her outgoing spirit! haha

Marlie's reaction "There's a baby in your tummy? We need to go to the hospital right after dinner so we can get it out. I'm so excited." PRICELESS

Samantha's reaction to news of being a big sister when Marlie relayed that she needed to get out of her diapers for the baby and wear big girl panties - no words, just a priceless glare that told us she might not be so happy about the situation as it was presented to her!

Jayson: Oh, he's excited about the baby . . . says he just wants it healthy (but I think we all know he's probably hoping for a boy!) . . . and he's going with third time's a charm and bought himself a pack of nicotine patches!! Please cross your fingers and send some will power his way!

How we found out: Well, I am a clockwork cycle person so on Monday I immediately started taking taking some tests (and by some, I mean 4) - I thought I might see a line, but wasn't sure. Jayson was sure he saw a line though. So then I bought some digital tests - and they flashed a big "not pregnant". And finally on Thursday, I went to the doc. As I was waiting I heard the nurses in the hall saying "I see a line" and another "I think it's a shadow" and another "maybe it's a line". It ended with the doc coming in and saying "It's negative . . . but why don't you go get a blood test". HA!! So in waiting yesterday for the results of the blood test, me in my impatience took my last digital test - and it flashed "pregnant" - 10 minutes later the phone rang and my blood work was positive as well . . .

Goals: Immediately gone from my world are beer, caffiene, and sugar. Let me explain the sugar - I will not ever again go through the gestational diabetes - once was enough! Also, I gained 90lbs with Marlie, 60lbs with Samantha, and I intend to make it 30lbs on this one, well maybe 40 :) But my biggest goal for this pregnancy is to remember that it won't last - this is easy usually until the heat comes - but I am hoping we got rid of that worry by making it an April baby! I have loved my previous 2 pregnancies and I want to breathe and enjoy this one as well. I mean, as much as I can with 2 kiddos and by business up and running :) I will also need to maintain patience . . . I can't set up a nursery until I know if and when we are moving - that inability to plan will make it rough for me!!

And finally . . . . we're going to switch it up this time around . . . . we are going to ruin the surprise and find out the sex of the baby!! I have always clung to the idea that you shouldn't ruin the surprise - but your ideas should change as your life does. And seeing that I thought both of our beautiful daughters were boys - I have been truly surprised twice! I just need to know this time if I should unpack 3 40 gallon containers of girls clothes or give our Moms something to shop for! Besides, we will find out right before Christmas, and I can't think of a better gift!

And a funny note (if you're still reading this long post): We took the girls to Cold Stone to grab ice cream after dinner last night - my last big bowl of sugar before the diet starts - and a woman walked in with her mother and children. She was around my age and had 2 blonde haired blue eyed toddler girls with her and was a pushing a brand new baby boy in the stroller! I think it might have given Jayson hope . . . .

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Tina. said...

It's amazing that you're on #3. I'm glad there are people like you and Jayson to keep the human race going. And I mean that in the most complimentary way! I think a lot of people should leave that job up to others but don't, if you get my meaning. I'm endlessly impressed with you and your beautiful family. =)