Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Me Monday

Oh let's see . . . what kind of embarrassing things do I want to admit today . . . .I think I have a rather long list . . .

Not me . . . I haven't . . . .
  • Lost 4lbs since finding out I was pregnant, most likely due to the missing consumption of beer
  • Totally gone online and ordered a nursing cover because there was a coupon code that made it free and you only had to pay $9.95 in shipping . . . which would only be weird since I didn't breastfeed either of my girls, just pumped . . . but for some reason I think I will do it on this one . . .
  • Come up with the idea that I will breastfeed this go round because then someone else has to take care of the other 2 while the baby is eating! HA!
  • Totally mapped out and planned the rearrangement of our house to move my office and make a nursery . . . . even though it is 99% certain we won't be living in this house come April . . . plan much?!
  • Actually rearranged the living room furniture to make room for the baby swing . . . again, not even going to be here . . . but just in case . . . .
  • Asked my husband 28 times how the quitting smoking is going . . . I'm sure he appreciates that little reminder!
  • Been asked by Marlie 63 times when we are getting the baby out of my tummy and why don't I know if it's a boy or girl (not finding out the sex this time would be impossible!).
  • Completely forgotten that as soon as a test tells you your pregnant, you get smacked in the face with exhaustion . . . and lose your mind to everything baby for about 2 weeks! Why am I watching a Baby Story!??!? Don't I know how it goes by this point!!
That is all . . . .my confessional is over . . . I feel a little better letting that all out :)

And I have also been forgetting my camera a lot . . . but for the grandparents . . . here's a pic!