Friday, September 24, 2010

Apple Orchards, Ultrasounds, and a Date Night

So today we took a trip to the Apple Orchard with our MOMS Club . . . well, it was a little disappointing. First - there were no apples to pick. The extreme heat has killed whatever was left. Second - Samantha decided to spaz out for the majority of the time throwing her tantrum (side note: I have decided that this is an attention getter for her - at first I thought she might just be timid in certain situations . . . my gut says otherwise . . . and we had a chit chat tonight about it and she has been warned that my hand will introduce itself to her butt the next time something like that goes down!) so she didn't go on the hay ride, but I went with Marlie while Sam stayed back with a friend. And finally, the heat made me sick enough to my stomach and my shorts felt tight enough that I have decided to bust out some maternity pants @ 8 wks! WTH?!?!? I have been sick and nauseous enough to lose a few pounds but my pants are tighter - that makes real sense!

Anyway . . . both girls did enjoy the craft time at the end when they made apples in to pigs! Of course, Sam tried to eat hers then :)

But I want to say thank you in advance Baby #3 - at 2 months in to my pregnancy I feel like I am 4 months along . . . perhaps that means you're a boy . . . or perhaps my uterus just explodes as soon as it finds out it's pregnant . . . or maybe I just have zero abdominal muscles left after your sisters that I just can't suck my stomach in anymore if there is the slightest bit of pressure pushing it out . . . nonetheless, I don't feel like I want to tell people my due date when they see me in my maternity clothes . . . but of course, none of it really matters since you are healthy and have a nice little heart beat kicking :)
And tonight was Daddy-Daughter Date Night at the local Chick-Fil-A. They put on tablecloths and actually have people serve (if you make a reso) - so Jayson took Marlie out while Samantha and I enjoyed a peaceful browsing trip to Target . . . 1 kiddo in a store is such a breeze!!

It has been a long day . . . but a great kickoff to the weekend . . .

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Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

I remember that with reagan too...I am assuming the mat. clothes just come out earlier with each one!