Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hanging Around

We got this fabulous new DVD in the mail the other day. I joined the Disney Movie Club when Marlie was born - ordering all of these educational Baby Einstein videos and stuff for my free movies . . . . luckily now it is the first place to get all of the videos that come out of the vault . . . because the educational videos haven't been watched all that often :) I had never seen Mulan, but I have actually enjoyed it . . . well, the first 3 times anyway . . . .

In between puking and wanting to pass out, I did manage to make it over to a small consignment sale that was going on in our little town. Didn't find too much in the way of clothes for the girls, but I did score a few maternity tops and this fabulous gem pictured above!!! I am a HUGE fan of JJ Cole bags and accessories. They can be spendy, but are soooo worth it. I have one of the system bags that hangs on the back of our stroller oh so conveniently. But on Friday I scored this small essentials bag for $5 in perfect condition!!!! EXCITED!!!
Other than that, we had a little excitement on Sunday morning @ 7am when the transformer in our front yard blew. I had never actually seen that happen - but now I have - it sounds like a very close gunshot and looks like lightning struck something. I then had to hear Sam, who apparently had 4th of July flashbacks, run around saying "Fireworks scares me!" hehehe
I am just counting down the time until I feel better right now . . . the doc gave me meds to stop nauseau, but they cause drowsiness. Really?!?!? Because I'm not completely exhausted and oh by the way did I mention I haven't had caffiene in months . . . .but I can really handle some drowsiness on top of that?!?! At least if I'm puking I'm awake to take care of my kiddos :)

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Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

Hang in there! Pregnancy is tough and that is why they have the women do it. I have so uncomfortable and miserable with Reagan and I can hardly remember it now. It's over too soon!