Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Day on a Farm

We packed up the kiddos yesterday and headed up to Land Between the Lakes - a state park in Kentucky. Truth be told, the whole point of the trip was to get lunch at the little food cart below. It's owned by a Chicago native - and he is about as Midwest as they come. My 4 years spent in Minnesota bought me no street cred with him - but he LOVED Jayson . . . and the girls! He kept giving them candy and popsicles.

After that we thought we would explore a little and headed up to the Homeplace - a working farm that is worked in the manner and with the tools of the 1850s. It was fun to look around and talk with the girls about the jobs everyone has on a farm

It was a beautiful fall day spent exploring our area. I am sooooooo glad that the weather is turning cold - and by cold I mean Southern cold of course - 70 during the day with a breeze and 45 at night :)

I am looking forward to a nice drive through the valley over to a Mary Kay conference this weekend. I am leaving tonight - but this will only be the 2nd time EVER that Jayson has spent 24 hours with just the girls and him . . . I am sure he will be more than fine, it's just funny to think of considering I spent the better part of 8 months alone with the girls . . . and I'm kinda scared to see what the house looks like when I get back :)

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