Monday, October 4, 2010

A Saturday with Daddy

The girls spent Saturday with Jayson while I was out of town. They had fun going to Home Depot and Chuck E Cheese - it was a big day! And since it was fire prevention month, Marlie even got to sit in a real firetruck!!

Funny story - Jayson took the girls to the grocery store to pick up 2 items so that he could make dinner (even funnier since both items were already in the fridge and pantry). So when I told Marlie on Sunday morning that we needed to go grocery shopping she proceeded to tell me that Daddy had already gone grocery shopping. HA! I had to explain that we had to pick up a few more things than Daddy got . . .and she said "Yea, and Daddy forgot his coupons" hehehe - she is learning young!

The girls and I also had an interesting morning today as well. We went and checked out the new cloth diaper store in our little town. It was the most informative thing I have been to in a long time! The owner was super sweet and gave me probably an hour long tutorial and demonstration of all the different types and the care that goes with each one. I can say with 90% certainty that cloth diapers will be the road we take with Baby #3. Besides the obvious environmental factors, there is the ever prominent cost factor. And you know, with Baby #3 I will have so much more time that I didn't have with the first 2 to wash the diapers and all the other fun stuff! HAHAHAHA

Now it's off to the ATL for a quick mini-vacation :)

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