Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Trip and a Course on Diapers

We are back from our too short trip to Atlanta. We had a fabulous time just relaxing with our family though. We even had time to squeeze in a small visit with Uncle Jason and Aunt Angie.

We hung out at the park and also took a quick trip up to the new Babyland General, the Cabbage Patch Hospital!

We saw a "birth" at Mother Cabbage

And Marlie named the baby - if you look really closely, the nurse even spelled "Marlie" right! Some mother some day will walk in with a daughter named Marlie and spend $200 on that doll because of the name - I totally would have if it had been there!!

And everyone's babies left happy in brand new strollers!

Now for my sermon on diapers . . . on Monday before we left I went for a cloth diaper tutorial. I think on my first baby it might have been overwhelming - but I want to kick myself for not examining the option with Sam. I guess I have had it in my mind that it would be an overly complicated thing that I just couldn't imagine taking on - much less expecting Jay to take on. Well, the whole reason I went was because this new store in our small town has also started a diaper service - which I have heard about from my Mom for years. After asking the questions about the diaper service and the several different kinds of diapers - I was on information overload! Luckily I happen to know a few fabulous women - all of very different personalities - that gave me great info from different perspectives. I explained EVERYTHING to Jayson on our way down to Atlanta and he is actually on board - provided that I go with a pocket or AIO option - he's not so down with the prefolds . . . understandable :) So I deleted the 8 cases of pampers from my registry (something that I have for myself to keep track of what I need this go round, not because I expect gifts with kiddo #3 . . . unless it's a boy :) hehe) and I have decided that we are going to do this. I am 50/50 on my reasons for doing it - truth be told, probably 80/20 - cost and the environment . . . . it's mind boggling to think of the money I've spent on Pampers - and I use Pampers - if I don't do generic toilet paper, I won't do generic diapers. Especially for our free spirited 2nd daughter who has decided she will literally change her own diaper - remove the old one, throw it in the trash, use a wipe, and get a new diaper - but has no interest in the potty!!!

So last go round we knocked out baby-wearing, which I will heavily rely on this time with 2 older ones . . . this one we will get down b-feeding and cloth diapers . . . by #4 it will all be a walk in the park :)

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