Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am a Little Worn Out

Let's see . . . we headed to Knoxville for a few quick days to try and deal with our house (i.e. take everything left in it that we wanted and unplug all the appliances so we can hopefully sell those too!).

If for some reason you have missed out on the fun that is our housing situation . . . I will share it with you. It goes a little like this . . . In December of 2009 Jayson got a job in Clarksville . . . the next day I put the house on the market. We then lived apart for the better part of 3 months until we all went under one roof in Clarksville. So then we had the fun task of paying rent and a mortgage . . . and then my corporate job ended in May . . . and then it became apparent that no one wanted our beautiful home so we asked Wells Fargo if we could do a short sale. They said sure, but lagged their feet for 83 days . . . 83 DAYS!!!! once we got an offer and the buyers walked . . . .they approved the offer 2 days later and the buyers said no thanks . . . . so at this point we have until December 1st to try and sell through short sale, at which point we can then turn it over for a deed in lieu of foreclosure and walk away. I say walk away like there is no harm, no foul - but there is a whole lot of foul . . . well, basically, one main foul - my pristine credit score that I have worked diligently to maintain coming from a background of parental bankruptcy . .. yeah, that credit score has gone from a 740 to a 396 and will keep dropping - though I read if it gets below 300 they just consider it the same as 0. hahaha - now that I've published that on the internet I am sure that I have somehow protected myself from anyone committing identity theft on me :)

Anyway . . . we went to the house. It was a little sad at first. It looked and smelled like a brand new house - like the day we bought it . . . my garden was full of weeds though! And I just stood there staring down at my beloved hardwood floors wondering why no one else saw the beauty in this home. Walking in to the girls rooms - why did I even do that!??! - brought back memories of bringing Samantha home and Marlie getting a big girl room and more memories than I can even type. At first I was sad . . . then I got angry - seriously, at this point I just want to punch someone because of my lack of understanding for the situation. Oh - the funniest part with Wells Fargo is that we have it priced below appraisal, so they won't take any low ball offers - it's like a slap in the face - congrats, you made a good investment but no one really wants your house - so we're just gonna let you hang on to it until we put you completely into financial ruin!

But I am almost to the point that I can honestly say . . .. it's just a house . . . it's just a credit score . . . and you better be damn certain it will be a lllllooooonnnnnggggg time before we buy a house again. We thought we would be in Knoxville for a long time . . . now, we're not so sure where we'll end up (though without Jayson knowing it, I will guarantee you that it will be south of the Mason-Dixon line!!!).

So that wore me out a little bit . . . .but not quite as much as chasing my 2 butterflies around the park for our Hallo-wee-ones party at the park last night!! Whew . . . 3 hours of running around, eating in the grass, and then doing a mock type of trick or treating . . . I was exhausted - but they had a blast!! And my polite little butterflies only took 1 piece from each bowl - so Daddy was a little disappointed that they didn't bring home more candy! haha

And yes - if you're wondering - those are the same costumes they wore last year. I got out some costumes to see what would fit Samantha this year, and they both said they would love to be butterflies - SCORE!! This is the 3rd Halloween for that pink butterfly costume! Thank you Children's Place, I have definitely gotten my $11.95 out of your clearance costume! Somehow I know that this will be the last year I get lucky enough to have them want to repeat a costume!


Wiz said...

That stinks about your house. I hope everything works out.

Wow, we really are close in due dates. I think you are just a week ahead of me! I hope you are feeling well.

Tina. said...

I love the butterfly costumes!