Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Heartbeat and a Snoogle

Well - went in to the doc today and heard Baby #3's heartbeat. It didn't sound too fast . . . very strong, but not fast. So does that mean it might be a boy?! It was slower than I remember the girls' being . . . but let's be real - my gender prediction skills are non-existent. I thought the girls were both boys . . . so I don't even both to venture a guess. We will ruin the surprise and find out the gender the week after Thanksgiving. The doc asked if we had a preference - and I said no. Of course the most important thing is healthy . . . but I really don't have a preference. Part of me would love all girls - I know girls, I can do girls. But the other part of me loves change and would love something different . . . and would love shopping for a boy! So I truly am split 50/50.
Anyway - strong heartbeat . . . kiddo kicked the doppler every time it went over him/her - and it was a very pronounced kick! Doc said "ooh - you've got a feisty one" . . . all I had were visions of Sam constantly moving and never stopping in my belly . . . .awesome :) And as for me, I finished out the 1st trimester with a total gain of 3lbs and totally passed a preliminary glucose test - no reason to think I will have gestational diabetes! Thank you!!!!!!
I also went out today and bought myself a little gift - a Snoogle. I've put the google image below of all the wonderful positions you can use it in! I am not the greatest sleeper in the world since children anyway - but pretty much for the last month I have gotten up at least once a night - so I decided this might help. My good ole' body pillow was just too stiff. And you know - I didn't have to get up at all last night - it was FABULOUS!!!! Thank you Snoogle . . . you are my new BFF :)

And for Marlie and Samantha . . . they are just their normal fun selfs. Sammie's new thing is to go up to my tummy and say "I will hold the baby for you - I be careful" and then I say that the baby has to stay in my tummy for a long time - to which she always replies "K- then I sing her a song" and then busts in to her neverending version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Marlie on the other hand . . .well, we all know she is a little too smart for her own good. So she has started asking questions like "How does the baby get your food and milk. Does he have a straw?" and "If your tummy has water in it, how can the baby already know how to swim, because I don't swim" . . . so I answer as simply and truthfully as possible - lets just hope she doesn't start throwing around the words placenta and umbilical cord at playgroup!

And did you notice that Sammie refers to the baby as a girl and Marlie as a boy . . . even they are split on the gender! haha


Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

So Jealous of that pillow......I don't think that I have slept more than a 5 hour stretch in about 2 years. Maybe that would help! Congrats on the HB--so exciting!

Tina. said...

Yay on the no gestational diabetes!