Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Times

We took the girls to story time at the library this morning. Afterwards they did a little parade around the library in their costumes . . . and you can see the baby was dressed as a pumpkin today! hahahaha

And I guess my mind says that if you're going to do a Halloween parade there should be some sort of candy at the end . . . alas, there was not! And my daughters thought there should be candy as well! So we picked up our own treats on the way home! Are these not the largest cupcakes EVER?! The girls picked out the one with googly eyes :) They really are awesome cupcakes though - we have a local cupcakery here in town . . . interesting isn't it - no Build a Bear, no reputable childrens' clothing stores, but we have a cupcakery!!!! Sometimes I get frustrated with my little town . . . but most days I love it . . . .

And this is just a little pic of my beautiful artists. They both love anything that they can do in that craft area. Oh - my favorite addition to the craft area would be the giant red rectangle that has been permanently stamped onto my floor - magic eraser and/or bleach won't even get it up. How did it get there you ask?! Well in the course of Sam's potty training the other day she peed in her panties and by the time I got her changed and figured out where it was she went, I discovered the red piece of construction paper that had been peed on and pulled it up to find the color permanently transferred onto the kitchen floor . . . . so we'll just move the little rug over a bit and hope by the time we end our lease that bleach will work?! Eh - they seriously need to replace the linoleum in the kitchen anyway! But in all honesty - how can one plan to prevent that mess?!?! You know - as I'm pregnant I am reminded of baby proofing - but there is no product on the market that can baby proof you from having a piece of red construction paper accidentally peed on and staining your kitchen floor!! Oh, and the socket covers - I will give you one guess as to which girl figured out how to pull them off, using a metal play knife from her tea set, and proceeded to stick said knife into socket!

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