Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down on the Farm

There was corn to jump in . . .

and corn to run through.

Fun was had on pony rides . . .

and laying in the hammock with Daddy - at least by Marlie!

Tons of fun picture opportunities were had!

But it was so much fun getting dirty in the 45' slide . . .

and fun running in the open spaces . . .

and just the general fun that is had anytime you rock some overalls!
We've done the pumpkin thing already - but we thought it was a beautiful day to get out and just let the girls run around a local farm. There was plenty to do and they had a blast!
2 Funniest things I heard today (both thanks to Marlie Katherine):
  1. Samantha wanted nothing to do with the pony. Marlie asked for another turn - as I began to explain that each person gets one turn, my darling daughter points out "Well you have another ticket for Sammie, and she isn't going to go, so that means that I can use that ticket and get an extra turn" Why must you be so smart?!? I could've gotten a $5 refund!!
  2. While on the 1st? pony ride, the handler asks Marlie her name and age and then asks "Are you in preschool?" My daughter's response . . . oh wait for it . . . "No - I'm done with that - I'm ready for big kid school already" hahahaha Thank you Marlie for giving me a new response to when people ask if I have you in preschool . . . you are wise beyond your years daughter :)

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