Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a blast! The girls were loving it and definitely wore us out this year!!! After a party and walking a friend's neighborhood, they wanted more! So we walked through our backyard to the neighborhood behind us and hit about 15 more houses . . .

We went to a party first and had dinner with friends.

The kids got their energy up by dancing and playing games!
***Grandpa - please note we took the wagon with us :)***

And then the real fun began! We went trick or treating in a friend's neighborhood since we kinda live on a main road. I think this was the 1st time I have actually missed our old neighborhood.

Our polite little butterflies always waited their turn and we heard them say "thank you" EVERY single time!! Though we did have to explain to Marlie that it wasn't really polite to run down the driveway saying "I said thank you, but he did not say you're welcome!" hahaha One Dad standing by us was like "I know - I hate rude people too!" HA!

And in the end they got more candy then they could ever possibly need! I only had to pick out a couple pieces of gum and jaw breakers - but about 30 pixie sticks hit the trash! I know - I'm no fun . . . but truthfully, Marlie doesn't like them and Samantha if given the opportunity would eat the stick part! It was great though - they sat on the floor and started trading candy! At this point they have no measure of equality either - so it's totally awesome. Like a mini tootsie roll for an entire box of Mike and Ike's :)

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Wiz said...

Your two girls are precious! Glad you had a good Halloween. Thanks for your sweet comments :)