Friday, November 5, 2010

On the 3rd Time Around

I thought on the 3rd time around there would be no surprises . . . I can only imagine with the pregnancy already presenting differences, oh the joy it will be to see another completely different child . . .

On the 3rd time around:
  • I am by far more relaxed and willing to go with the flow
  • the nursery isn't done at 4 months of pregnancy
  • I want to focus on being a Mom - hence the cloth diapering
  • there is no corporate world to contend with
  • I became very acquainted with nauseau and a little bit of vomitting - thank you Zofran for carrying me through
  • I have to purchase the same stuff I did on the 1st time around - bottles wear out, pack n plays break, and car seats expire!
  • I fully intend to take my 96 hrs totally in the hospital - grandparent willing of course - to hang with just the baby
  • I trust my gut more
  • I still can't believe we are going to ruin the surprise - waiting 9 months before seemed like nothing - now I don't even have the patience about me to wait a few more weeks! ha!
  • I am tired - there was no bounce out of the first trimester and get my energy back . . . but then again, I have a toddler and a preschooler - I can't really remember if I had energy before this or not . . .
  • I am more centered and aware of the life that is being formed
  • 11/2 - I can't find a stinking gender neutral baby book to save my life!!! So I have set myself up for the fact that I will just wait until we know the gender - but I better start writing stuff down - so there is the date that I first felt the movement in my tummy - slight and brief, but I know what it feels like!
  • I have an urge and desire for a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag that cannot be expressed in words alone - google it and fall in love - unfortunately, if you google it and see the price, you will see that my desire will never come to fruition . . . lest I spend that money on a diaper bag and it meets the fate of my new Uggs when Samantha had chocolate milk . . . someday, somehow, someone will make a knock off :) haha

All in all . . . I am glad there have been a few differences . . . it can only mean we will have another unique personality . . . it can only get more interesting from here . . .

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Wiz said...

Good luck cloth diapering! I dont know how people do it. Of course I work so it may be easier if I didnt, but I really think its an awesome thing to do!!

Hope you are feeling better and get some energy back soon!