Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Build a Bear

We had to hit up Build a Bear while we were in the big city of Knoxville! We have a tradition with our kids that we pick and name an animal for each of them while I'm pregnant - so we let the girls join in and do the picking this year. Why oh why did I think we could get out of there without them being intrigued by the new Rudolohp characters?!?!

So we made a little puppy for brother - his name is Santa's Little Helper. Marlie has her monkey named Homer and Samantha has a panda bear named Peter - yes, they are all named after Simpsons and Family guy characters!

Then Marlie proceeded to pick out Rudolph. Samantha, however, was convinced by Jayson that Bumble the abominable snowman was a good choice. Yeah - I knew that wasn't going to last and was urging for Clarice, the girl reindeer - but Jayson kept saying Bumble was cute and Sam agreed. That lasted until right after we paid and made it to the edge of the store - she wanted Rudolph. Marlie gladly shared . . . but once we reached the car and Marlie wanted Rudolph back, Samantha was not happy and refused to even touch Bumble. So just as an fyi to anyone - Build a Bear will let you trade your animal in for another one in the event your child becomes scared of the animal she picks!!! I did not however let her go through the process of making another one . . . . but in the end, we have Rudolph and Clarice and have watched the movie 4 times!

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