Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We went and picked out our Christmas tree this morning. While I love the act of actually going out and cutting down your tree - I love a good Frasier Fir even more . . . so alas, no cutting down. Maybe if we live in the mountains of North Carolina one day . . .

And even though the girls have their own tree in their bedroom, they still had to jump in and put up all of our ornaments . . . we had to move a few, there was a heavy concentration at the bottom right!!

And Marlie has always deemed it her job as the big sister to put the star up. There haven't been any issues thus far . . . but that will probably change next year!

Ahhh . . . .there are few things in life that are as comforting to me as a lit Christmas tree and stockings on a mantel in my living room at night :)

Overall I felt the downsizing of our house a bit when I busted out all of our decorations this year. But that's alright . . . it's definitely cozy this year. Which is great - because it will be a more intimate setting this year with just our family of 4 and Grandma and Grandpa :)