Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lesson Learned

This was one of the several pictures we have had taken with Santa so far - but the only one we've paid for :) You see, now that our girls love Santa so much, they want to see him ALL the time!!! So when we were in Wal-Mart the other day and a kind associate informed me Santa was in the back taking free pics, loud squeals were heard from the cart!! And in finishing up Christmas shopping, a few trips to the mall have been made, and of course we stop and see Santa.

On a quick side note - the Santa at our mall rocks!! Well, at least his helpers do. Hand out a candy cane?? I think not! Our Santa's helpers hand out little coupons to each kid for a free cookie at Great American Cookie Co and a coupon for a free ice dream at Chick Fil A!!!

So today we were heading to the mall to pick up an order from JCPenney and the girls immediately asked if Santa would be there today. I said yes, but didn't know if we would stop to see him. To which Marlie responded "But we love Santa and if he's there we should say hi to him. And since we love him, we need to give him a hug if we see him to make him smile."

Lesson Learned: I have instilled kindness into my daughter and can't turn it on/off to fit my schedule. I expect her to be logical a lot because that's her personality. So reason would tell you, if you see people you love and you hug them, why would you not do it every time??? And so we stopped and saw Santa and got our free cookies . . . .

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