Thursday, December 9, 2010

19 Weeks

Clearly my scanning abilities leave something to be desired when it comes to straightness! HA! Anyway - the 1st is a profile pic of our little boy . . . it looks oddly similar to the profile pics of his sisters! The next pic, however, is very unique. The tech took the time to circle and arrow out the boy parts!

Today was the big ultrasound for gender . . . if we hadn't already cheated and found out! In the past this has always been a day when I would have to reassure myself of my desire for a surprise . . . not today though! And you know what?! I am glad we know this time around. It just makes it fun and different and much easier to be able to talk to the girls about their little brother!

So . . . some highlights of this pregnancy so far:
  • At 19 weeks I have gained 7lbs - not too shabby! Let's hope I can keep it together and not explode at the end!
  • Baby Boy weighs 10 oz
  • We have absolutely NO NAMES yet!!! Not a single one that we can agree on! If you receive a birth announcement and the name of our child is Adam (Jayson's middle name) that will basically be our way of telling everyone that we couldn't agree on anything!
  • I took in 5 pairs of maternity jeans to the consignment shop the other day. Why would I do this while pregnant?! Well you see, when you are prego at 24 you look at all the cute maternity clothes and buy them. You also look at the full front panel jeans and think what woman would ever wear those?!?! And then you purchase the cute below the belly pants - at 24 I also thought maternity bikini underwear was a good idea too . . . But on your 3rd pregnancy at 29 you realize who wears those full front panel jeans - the older version of you because they are soooooooo comfortable!
  • I am enjoying clearance shopping all of the boy clothes right now! Seriously - I have probably spent around $45 and purchased over $250 of Carters clothes! Trust me - it can be done :)
  • I am feeling a little movement here and there - I know the karate chops to my bladder and kidneys are coming, so I am okay with just the flutters right now!
  • I am still extremely nervous about being a boy Mom - it just seems so different . . . but then again, we've made it through Samantha . . . :)
  • I don't really have cravings - after puking for the 1st trimester I really just feel ambivalent towards food . . . though I seem to eat eggs either for breakfast or lunch every day . . .

I think that's it ;) There's not really that time to sit and look at the nursery and think about a baby being in it and enjoying the calm right now because that's not life this go round! There is no calm and when I start to get baby brain and dream about a new baby, I get reeled into the present by the girls pretty quickly!! I find that I lose track of how far along I am too - and people seem shocked that I don't know to the week where I am in the pregnancy. I know when I am due - everything between now and then is just time :)

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Wiz said...

Glad everything is going so well! Almost half way there!!