Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow and Miscellaneous

Friday morning we hosted the Christmas party for Samantha's play group. Most of the kiddos are already 3, so it's a good mix for Marlie too :) We did a craft, a gift exchange for the kids, and an ornament swap for the Moms - it was a good time!

Saturday we got out and ran around a little doing a little shopping for Marlie and Samantha's gifts to swap. Then we brought them home, let them choose wrapping paper, and so far they have both kept their respective gifts surprises . . . .

And I'm glad we got out because starting this morning around 9am it started snowing and hasn't stopped. Not like we have 20 in of snow like Minnesota - but it doesn't take much to shut down a southern town with no plows! So since we have a super steep driveway Jayson ran out to the only hardware store in town with any shovels left, Grandpa's Hardware. And also brought home a small surprise for the girls . . . their first sled!!

The wind chill is still a little much to take it outside, but Daddy gave them a few rides around the house!!

Daddy even snapped a video on his cell phone of Marlie pulling Samantha around! HA!

And below are a few ways that we like to pass the cold weather days. The girls enjoy washing their play dishes in the sink . . .

And of course making Christmas crafts like these awesome magnets!! Marlie's are the meticulously glued ones like the snowflake and bear. Sam's are the 3 legged reindeer and the crazy Christmas tree! :)

Right now we have more snow than this town has seen in a while . . . and for the first time in almost 4 years, Mr. Crandall is out doing some de-icing and some shoveling :) Hopefully we'll be able to play a little outside tomorrow - I just don't do single digit weather for playtime . . .

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