Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I thought it would be fun to post our new family pic we took today on my 300th post. Funny - I looked back to 200th post and read my predictions. Clearly I thought I would blog a lot less since I predicted Marlie starting kindergarten! But I was right about the pregnancy part! But also very wrong about the buying a home in Clarksville part!

So over the last 100 posts (about 10 months) we have had a great time as a family! That is very important because at this time last year we were starting a 3 month journey of being apart (and had just completed a 3 month stretch). We have learned to love our little town and enjoy all of the great things that it offers! And we have been reminded in a few different ways that there is nothing more important than our family.

I will probably hit the 350th post right around the time that our baby boy joins us - and that will also be when I put a little stamp on what has been written so far and put our blog into book form. Because in April it will be 3 years of our life penned out . . . and I think it's a good time to end a chapter as we being a new one with our #3 :)

I don't think there will be any predictions for the 400th post . . . mostly because I don't want to look that far ahead . . . I love life right now and I just want to sit and continue absorbing it - maybe we could fast forward to April so I could meet our son, that would be okay . . .

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