Friday, December 17, 2010

Conversations on Life with Marlie

I have some stories that need to be penned . . . I love this girl and I love talking with her. It is true, if you want to be truly challenged on explaining something, have a conversation with my 4 year old!

I have to start by saying that Marlie is not super familiar with the whole breastfeeding thing. I knew I was going back to work after both girls were born, so being the OCD planner that I am, I just pumped and put it in a bottle. That way there was no transition to a bottle and by 3 months old I had 2 girls who slept 12 hours a night because I always knew how much food they were getting (side note: this is why it will be extremely hard for me to breastfeed - if I don't see a schedule happening I will probably ditch it - but I will try anything once!).

So . . . the other day we had a friend of ours over who has a 3 month old baby girl. She was sitting on the couch and started to breastfeed her - with a cover and all. Well Miss Curious jumped up and was looking at the baby while she was eating. It went like this:

Me: Marlie, do you have any questions? The baby is eating right now.
MK: Eating?
Me: Well, drinking. She's drinking her milk.
MK: I don't see a cup or a straw?
Me: Well when a Mommy has a baby in her tummy and the baby comes out, then a Mommy has milk in her boobies to feed the baby. I did it for you and sister, Mommy just took hers and put it in a bottle

Done - sufficiently explained. She said ok and moved on . . .

Fast forward to the next day getting out of the car at the mall . . .

MK: I am going to bring my baby doll in with me - she is hungry.
Me: Okay - no problem, just grab her.
MK: I think she is hungry but I didn't have a baby in my tummy, and my boobies are small, so I don't think there's milk in them . . . probably just juice . . . but that's okay, because I think this baby has teeth and she can eat other food so all she needs is just juice anyway . . .(and she proceeds to hold the baby up to her chest as she walks, periodically looking down at her and rubbing her head).

And just in case I forgot to pen our discussion on baby's in the tummy that we had when I first found out I was pregnant - I think this is the appropriate place to put it now . . .

MK: Mommy, I want to have a baby in my tummy
Me: Ok - when you are older and get married you can have a baby
MK: I think I will marry Daddy
Me: Nope - can't do that - I'm already married to Daddy
MK: Then maybe Uncle Jason or Uncle Eric?
Me: No - you can't marry your family . . . someday you will meet a boy and fall in love and you can marry him
MK: Where will I meet a boy?
Me: Maybe at school or the park (i.e the bar) or somewhere when you're older
MK: Like when I'm 21?
Me: Yea - that sounds good . . .
MK: Do I have to marry a boy? (the emphasis being on the boy part, not the getting married part)
Me: It depends on what state you live in

HA! Simply said and she was good and moved on . . . I was once told that you never give more information than directly asked for - so rather than going in to an explanation about being gay or anything else, I left it at that, and she was happy. My Mother seems to think I should've just said yes, you have to marry a boy . . . but honestly, I have memories of being 4 . . . the acceptance should be presented at an early age!

And just one more . . . our conversation last night on Christmas . . .

MK: What are they singing about? (O Come all Ye Faithful was playing)
Me: God
MK: The man they talk about at church?
Me: Yes
MK: Who is he?
Me: Well he is Jesus' father. And right now we are celebrating Christmas because it was Jesus' birthday so there are all kinds of songs about Jesus and his father God
MK: What did Jesus do?
Me: He was a very important person a long time ago who was kind and giving. He was also a very good role model for a lot of people - he taught a lot of people the difference between right and wrong, he showed people how to be kind to others, and was an all around very good person. So at Christmas, we celebrate his spirit of giving and kindness by giving and being kind to other people. That's why we bought presents for the kiddos that don't have a lot and that's why you put your monies in the red buckets. Do you have any other questions?
MK: No - I already understand the true spirit of Christmas - it's better to give than to receive . . . (wait for it) . . . . and there's no swiping on Christmas!!

Thank you Dora the Explorer for your assistance!!!! But she really means it - she asks for things on her Christmas list - but she is all about doing and giving. We sponsored a few girls for Holiday Heroes and stop at the "red buckets" every time we go in to a store. Next week is our baking week to put treats out for the mailman and trash people - it seems that no one ever does that for those guys - and last year I got knocks on the door by both just to say thank you and Merry Christmas! And she will tell you that her favorite thing about Christmas is being with her family :) So even though my mother would shake her head at the above story - we're still getting it right :)

I just love that at 4 years old she asks these questions and doesn't just want a fly by the seat of your pants answer . . . and she keeps asking until she feels satisfied with the answer. There is no doubt in my mind that she is my daughter . . . which leaves no bone in my body unafraid of the teenage years . . .

I will end with a one-liner from last week when it was snowing . . . .as we entered a store, Marlie was ripping off her jacket, she does not like to wear coats . . . and she had it off before we even entered the store . . . as we walk in a woman greets us and says to Marlie "You better keep your coat on outside or you'll get cold" . . . to which Marlie responds . . . "I was born in Minnesota, I don't get cold" . . . . :)


Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

I love it! On a similar note, I was picking the girls up from daycare one day and it was crazy--lots of other parents there etc. Reagan started crying and Kasey starting yelling--she needs boobies! she needs boobies!

Wiz said...

These are so funny! I cant wait until Colt starts asking questions about things. I love to hear what little kids come up with!

Tina. said...

Hahaha I love your response "It depends on what state you live in". I laughed out loud.