Friday, November 12, 2010

A Busy Day

Yesterday was a fun and busy day!! Grandpa Mick is in town - so we're showing him around the town and how we have fun! We did the Bounce House first and then after naptime headed down to Bass Pro Shop . . . but the pics are reversed because I hate moving them on blogger and it always uploades them in backwards order :)

Writing out a Christmas list to Santa . . . where she came up with a TV for the car, I do not know!!
Putting the lists in Santa's mailboxes to make sure he has them at Christmas!
Sitting on Santa's lap and telling him all kinds of stories!!
Now I have to say - both girls just walked up and said "hi" to Santa and jumped on his lap like they had done it a million times. I was the only one standing there in complete amazement!!! NEVER before have either girl sat on Santa's lap without a major meltdown or fuss. But today, no big deal . . . I will take that as a sign that this will be the best Christmas ever :) And then Marlie even followed him around the store just wanting to give him another hug!!!
Sam finally enjoying the Jump Zone - it takes her about an hour or so every time to warm up to it - and then she just goes crazy!!

Marlie definitely gets her money's worth every time though!! And she even got Grandpa Mick and Daddy to go down several slides!!

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