Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Randomness

I am lagging a little with these pics . . . I have been consumed by the thought of a baby boy joining our family dynamic!! Anyway, on Grandpa Mick's last day in town, we hung out down by the river and had fun, you know, throwing leaves and rocks in the river! Hey - we have kids and it's a small town . . . they are learning the small pleasures of life :)

And as you can imagine, there have been several discussions about baby names over the last few days! See . . . even though I thought both girls were boys, I never really came up with a boy name. I had backups and figured I would wing it when the baby came - but girl names were so much easier to pick out . . . so we've never actually agreed on a boy name. We like to have at least 1 family name in each name - Marlie is named after her grandmothers "Mar"y and Les"lie". I know this is probably shocking to some people who still think we named her after Bob Marley . . . .but notice the different spelling! And Samantha has my middle name before I changed it to my maiden name - Michelle. We have been through a lot of names and Jayson generally vetoes most of them . . . . we do have a few that have made the cut - and we will narrow it down to 2 so we can wait until we meet the Baby Boy to decide which one fits. My top choice is Griffin . . . but that could change! ha!
And the book below has always been my favorite baby name book - because yes, we do have the 2 most common names ever (well, if Jayson spelled his name right!) - but my brother's name is spelled Jason!

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