Monday, November 15, 2010

I Couldn't Help Myself

Seriously - it took me less than a few hours after finding out to run to the store and look at boy clothes! Although - out of 4 stores, I purchased one thing. Mostly because I started thinking about my formula, or I should say my MIL's formula. She told me with Marlie to double the age and that's the size the baby would wear. I looked at her like she was nuts when she showed up with 24mo clothes for the summer Marlie would be 1 - but oh, she was right.

So as I started going over the birthday and the seasons I realized something - this is a boy. My girls have been fairly normalish sizes - Samantha was the bigger one at 8lb 3oz. However, what if they were smaller because they were girls . . . what if my boy is the size of his Daddy or his Uncle - more around the 10lb mark!??!? What if I buy 3mo clothes and he comes out like his Dad wearing a 6mo size (this is the time that I stop and take a thankful breath that I am having a C-section!)?? And I have no idea what cloth diapers do to sizing?!

In the end - I purchased the 1 onesie above . . . . Perhaps I will focus on nursery decor . . . . sports perhaps? I've never decorated a gender specific nursery! I have a little time though!

The girls are very excited about their little brother and giggled all over the place when I brought home an outfit for the baby . . .

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