Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Big Girl's Room

While the weather has been cold and I have been in the mood of redecorating and organizing, I decided it was time to hit up the girls' room. Now there is a large part of me that would like a meticulously decorated, straight out of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog for my girls . . . but then there is the part of me that is actually in touch with reality. Their minds change every day about how they like things and what they want . . . and as far as the beautiful matching quilts, well, see below . . .

Now both girls have matching eyelet bedskirts, and matching sheets . . . but neither one of them likes a comforter. Right now Marlie prefers to sleep in her lady bug sleeping bag on her bed . . .and Samantha is curbing her blanket hoarding tendencies and only sleeping with 1 blanket, and it has to be her animal blanket. I think as soon as Mr. Crandall gets around to painting Marlie's bed, it will look matchy enough :) And then of course there are the matching overflowing stuffed animal nets that hang above each bed . . . and depending on the day are either gastly full or completely empty! ha! But what makes this picture super awesome is Sam's bed (the right one) - yesterday out of the blue I asked her if she wanted me to take down her bed rail so it would be easier to get out and go potty . . . I asked a few months ago, but she did not care for the idea - she said sure :) So no more bed rail . . . probably a good thing because it was starting to get kinda bent after going through both girls for almost a year each!

Below is my favorite thing - it houses all of their stuff and is really the best way to keep the room organized - everything from socks to doll clothes to trinkets . . . and what room is really complete without a princess cd player!

Then there is a our latest addition . . . a wall mural! There is so much wall space in their room and something had to be done . . . so this is what they chose!

And as you can see . . . Marlie is in love with it and very proud of her accomplishment in hanging the low laying mushrooms. Of course, my kids would have mushrooms and owls on their wall - I love it too!!!

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