Monday, January 31, 2011

The Power of Disney

So last week sometime Marlie saw a commercial for Disney World . . .she asked a few questions basically culminating with me explaining that it was Cinderella's castle, it was at Disney World, and all of the other characters and princesses lived there as well. Then while listening to a princess cd in the car she asked again about Cinderella's castle . . . I explained that you could go there and visit and from what I understood, you could have dinner there too . . . what was I thinking?!?!?

The last 3 days everything I have heard is about Disney World. Questions wanting to know how far it is, what state it's in, and of course, when can we go. I have explained to my daughter that a trip of that magnitude takes a lot of planning . . . especially since brother will be joining the family. I told her that planning meant having a place for Sota to stay and of course we would have to save up money to go.

Marlie Katherine . . . every penny or dime or nickle she has found over the last few days has been picked up and accompanied with the phrase of "I will put this in my bank to save for Disney World" . . . only to be topped today by her looking at me with all seriousness and saying "You know if we don't go to the Bounce House or Chuck E Cheese we could take thoses monies and save those for our trip to Disney World too . . . and I can combine my monies with your monies and then we will have enough".

When a 4 year old looks at you with such conviction and planning, how can I not take her seriously?!? Telling me should we give up the Bounce House and Chuck E Cheese - that's like Jayson telling me he would give up beer for a year to do something! ha!

So in part of our planning on having a bigger family, we had always talked about doing the Disney thing once all of the kids were old enough to appreciate it . . . and then there are the hopes of a 4 year old . . . so as a result I spent all of naptime on the computer looking at Disney World and what it's all about from an adult perspective of costs and planning. It's spendy . . . but not as horrible as I thought it would be - especially when you can do all inclusive with the food. Of course, now the tricky part comes - planning trips around a school schedule - like spring breaks and fall breaks . . . but I definitely got wrapped up in the whole website and everything about Disney. I found myself getting so excited at the thought of our girls sitting in their princess dresses having dinner with Cinderella . . . and perhaps next year would be a good time - 6 and 4 are ages that I have memories at . . .

We shall see . . . but I know we will have a lot to talk about at dinner tonight . . .

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Tina. said...

Marlie the financial planner! No way would I have saved up for anything when I was young.