Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February!

I like the month of February . . . it's short and sweet and for the 1st half it's all about love and Valentine's. It's also the month we get a tax refund and celebrate our anniversary! :)

Ironically after I made that post about Disney yesterday we got a package in the mail. We joined the Disney Blu Ray club so we could build up our collection a little - and it's so stinking cheap! $12 for 6 blu rays and we have to buy 2 more in the next 2 years . . . um, if they take Cinderella and Aladdin out of the vault - done! We decided to order the Toy Story trilogy since the girls had never seen them - and I had only seen the 1st one back in high school. So last night after bath we sat down to watch the 1st one . . . I thought it was cute, Jayson liked it (I mean, he is normally stuck with princesses, it was a nice change), but the girls were not fans. They were scared of the kid next door and Marlie even said "I think we should send this one back" ha! So I think we will just tuck those away for a few years . . . I thought they would like them - I mean, the other 10 million kids in the US do . . . but nope, not a fan . . . luckily I also ordered a new Tinkerbell movie and some others . . . we'll see how we do with Bug's Life!

A cute pic of our princesses!

And as for Marlie . . . well she's now ready to leave and go to kindergarten! The last thing on our checklist was making sure if something happened and she needed to give the information that she knew our names, phone number, and address . . . done . . . yesterday she spouted off all 3 without any prompting. Later on when I asked her again after she did it and she even went on to explain to me that we also lived on a continent . . . and showed me the map of continents in her dictionary . . . I told her the names and said she was right, our country was on the continent of North America (she informed me she would prefer to live on Antartica with the polar bears) . . . and then she asked me if I knew that all of the continents were on the planet Earth . . . .

And during writing practice yesterday the words she wanted to write: Samantha, Ice Age, and mantle . . . presented to me like this "How do you spell mantle? You know, like I hung my last piece of writing on the mantle of the fireplace" . . . did I look confused like I needed the word to be used in a sentence?!

I sincerely hope that she doesn't get bored in school. I think I should stop teaching her for a while . . . I also think that I am starting to fully understand why so many people homeschool! Not that I will ever make that attempt . . . but I get where those moms are coming from . . . But I think even if I stop trying, she loves learning too much. Is it weird that our 4 year old likes to sleep with her dictionary?! I don't think so . . . :)

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Wiz said...

Colt sleeps with books every night. And I can't believe its February. Time is flying. Boo for taxes....we owe this year, YUCK!