Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life Right Now

Let's start with Samantha . . . last night I took her to the store, let her pick out a potty out of like 6 choices!, some brand new big girl panties, and she chose her rewards (between gummi bears and M&Ms she picked the chocolate). And now it begins! I have tried to let her go at her pace and be easy going, but the time is done . . . I know Samantha and her personality, and until I put the hand down and say no more, she will just continue forever using a diaper or pull up. I have come to realize she is not the self starter that Marlie was and will not potty train herself . . . so we are going hard core at this point. We are staying in today and tomorrow and going to knock this thing out . . . and I even started after she wore panties last night (and peed on the bathroom floor) and put her in a cloth diaper for bed time :) I told her I threw away her diapers! She said "Ok - I like this special one for bedtime"! I sound mean - but really, she wakes up most mornings dry and stands there and pees in her diaper . . . it's time to say goodbye . . . wish me luck . . . at least I already purchased the steam cleaner for the rugs! ha!

Then there is all of the fabulous stuff for our little boy . . . right now I have a bit of pregnancy insomnia . . . that coupled with my OCD and planning issues and the fact that I remember by March I am not going to have the energy for this stuff and 2 kiddos . . . I have started getting everything ready to go! Exhibit 1 - the pack and play! I am really excited about this - it's very different than the one we had for the girls - it has a fancy changing station and newborn napper, and fits quite perfectly in a corner :) In case you're wondering, the one for the girls broke somewhere around Sam being 18mo or so . . .I have said, having #3 is like having #1!

Exhibit 2 - the fabulous new swing! Note how Sota tries to squeeze into the picture!

And now for the nursery . . . our very 1st gender specific nursery! It's hard to get a pic walking in because I insisted on putting a gigantic armoire on the only wall that seemed feasible. Sorry - storage won out over floor space! I mean, he only gets half of his closet - my gift wrapping supplies and the girls next season of clothes get the other half :) He's a boy - it's in his future to have to share a closet and get the smaller space!

The crib with a newly covered blue boppy hanging over the side!

The changing station - truly the last item on my list is a changing table pad. I have checked off my registry one by one . . . Rite Aid was even kind enough to put Avent bottles on BOGO free this week, so that was a bonus check off! Funny - right as we were taking Sam off the bottle, the whole BPA controversy broke out - hence, all the bottles went in the trash - it was time after 2 years of use through the girls anyway . . .

Here is everything washed and ready that I have in a 3 mo size so far - I don't know that it will be much more since I am kinda expecting a 10lb baby based on current measurements and his father's birthweight? There is a little stack of newborn onesies in the front that a friend gave me that her son never wore - I don't think they will get use here either, but just in case . . .

And this is his portion of the closet . . . It's tabbed out with sizes from 6mo - 24mo. I told you I had been shopping the clearance sales! And there are probably 4 or 5 outfits handed over from friends . . . and I have a friend in MOMS Club that is bringing me a few boxes on Friday from her 2 boys . . . I can't wait to sort through it!!

And so Marlie isn't left out . . . an update on her. Her FAVORITE thing right now is to play Candy Land! She loved the game before, but she just got the Deluxe version while we were in Knoxville . . . so her love has grown. And she also adores her Princess Dominoes! She is very ready for summer so she can go back to the pool and take more swim lessons . . . and so she can just be outside! We went to the park yesterday since it was a balmy 45 and you could tell that she and Samantha just miss it! Marlie also enjoys picking out toys and clothes that she thinks her brother would like . . . it's very hard to say no when she is just trying to be sweet. She is also fully prepared to take care of her brother. One of our friends 6mo old babies was at the park yesterday and she was just talking up a storm to him and making him laugh. Right now she is also very focused on Samantha using the potty - because as the helper she gets a kickback M&M if Samantha tries on the potty! hahaha
I just realized it's 7am and kids are still sleeping . . . wonder if I can get in breakfast before the day starts?!?! Oh - and I am SUPER stoked about my 1st batch of cloth diapers coming today - these are the ones that will take us to about 15lbs . . . you can expect pics of those tomorrow!! :)

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Wiz said...

I love all the boy stuff :)

And I am absolutely DREADING potty training. I dont even know where to begin!