Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's All About Diapers and Potties

Let's start with Samantha . . . a day of cleaning up accidents after letting her run around in underwear actually paid off a little . . . she went to bed with a cloth diaper and woke up dry and then went on the potty!!!!!!!! So we will see how today goes - I am optimistic! But it's tough, resisting the urge to go somewhere so that I would have to either deal with a mess or put her in a pull up (which I threw a few away in the trash to make my point that we were done with them!). And I thought I would share a pic of our little girl from Christmas! She is growing up fast . . . and it's awesome to watch!

And yesterday in between cleaning up Sam's accidents, our 1st stash of cloth diapers came!!!! EEEEEE!!! It's awesome!! I've got them on their 2nd wash right now getting them prepped! And luckily the soap I ordered came too so I could wash the cloth ones I put on Sam yesterday. This is a pic of what we got . . . just in case you're interested - 24 organic prefolds (I only bought organic because with my coupon they were cheaper than regular - we will see if the money savings is worth having to listen to my mother tell me they look dirty!), 6 Thirsties diaper covers, 8 Happy Heinys Mini OS, a wet bag, a total of 22 cloth wipes (a few flannel and a few hemp), a bag of Rockin Green detergent, and a hanging diaper pail. I am by no means taking the least expensive route to cloth diapers . . . but I am choosing a way that I think is going to be best for us and keep us going with it . . . .so basically from birth - 15lbs I am choosing to trifold the prefolds in covers and I have the 8 Happy Heiny pockets for husbands and grandparents :) The pockets are basically a washable pamper - there's no folding or anything - just velcro and go!

And you can't tell me that there is any disposable diaper in the world . . . .

as cute as these!!!!!!!!

So once our little boy hits around 15lbs, I am going to switch to all pockets - specifically Bum Genius 4.0 OS with snaps. These diapers go from 8lb-35lbs - I just feel that it's too much fabric in the beginning for a newborn, so we'll wait and make the switch when he's a little bigger. And in case you're interested in the cost savings of this (admittedly, one of the main reasons I am doing this!!). The stash above cost $260 - I will order my Bum Genius pack of 18 with a diaper sprayer (an attachment for the back of the potty to spray the poop off! Isn't it fun to talk about?!) for around $350. Like I said, I am not going the least expensive route - I am going the route that I think is going to work best for us . . . so from birth to potty training we are looking at an out of pocket of a little over $600. Think about how much you spend in Pampers wipes and diapers in 6 months? The cost savings is ridiculous!!!!!! And that's with me taking a spendy route! And while I personally won't buy used ones (I have taken some from a friend that I trust), you can totally sell them and get back almost half of what you spend! Or keep them for another baby!
I have done soooooooo much research, and now that they are here and I am washing them, I'm not as intimidated as I thought I would be . . . I am ready!

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