Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Saturday

Jayson had a Saturday off this week . . .which is unusual. Not that his days off really matter much since I don't have to leave and go to work . . . but it's odd when the rest of the world is out on the same day :)
We started off the day with french toast made by Marlie and Daddy . . . and then headed to free day at the museum. We are actually going to get a membership next week when we go - there hands on area is just awesome for the girls and while I anticipate a lot of time spent at the pool under the umbrella this summer . . . I know there are going to be days when it is just too hot to hang outside with a baby.
Later in the day we made burgers and had a picnic while watching one of Daddy's favorite childhood movies. The girls and I had never seen it . . . it was cute . . . and I am strangely drawn to the name Elliott now :)
And then there is this beautiful little girl. She is sporting one of the presents Marlie and I went and got for her yesterday. We made a special big girl gift bag for her . . .

She got some pretty cool stuff because for the last 3 days she hasn't worn a diaper :) I ask if she wants one and she insists on panties! And yes - I went all out and trusted her judgement - she goes to nap and bed with NO diaper, just underwear. We have had 1 accident out of 8 nap/bed times :) And we went out in public with just underwear too a few times - 1 accident, but it was a super easy clean up and she's been good otherwise . . . .I will take it!!!! Once Samantha and I had a chat and decided we were going to do this potty thing, after 1 day of accidents, it has been nothing but success . . . I am sooooooooo proud of her!!!! She has even woke up after going down for nap to go! And she has gone unprompted too. I am hoping the 4 months before baby comes will be plenty of time for her to feel confident and not have any issues with regression - I am sure it will . . . she is having way too much fun being just like sister and getting her treats! It helps that Marlie also keeps an eye on her too since she gets to share in the treats if Samantha gets one - her vested interest has been the biggest help! ha!

And as for the little boy . . . well, I don't think he's that little. Given the places he can kick and punch at the same time, I think he might be a little bit on the bigger side. And the amount of movement he has for this early in the pregnancy has me a little fearful for March and April to come! I will get to see him again this month though - I have to go to Nashville for a 2nd ultrasound to make sure that all the cysts have diminished or disappeared. I also made the decision to switch OB's in the middle of my pregnancy - my gut just told me it wasn't a good fit after how they handled the whole discovery on the ultrasound . . . and after my experience with Samantha, I am a little leary of anyone with a knife, so I went with my gut! So I have a nurse's conference tomorrow, plus my 6 month checkup and last gestational diabetes test sometime this week, then down to Nashville on the 21st - 3 doc appointments in 2 weeks! It's hard to believe that then I will be at the point where I have to go every 2 weeks!!

And on the name front . . . I don't know. It's hard because the names that I LOVE (Nathan, Zachary, and Benjamin) happen to be the same names that Jayson absolutely dislikes! ha! But like I said, after watching the movie last night, I am strangely drawn to Elliott . . . but I would have to convince Jayson that kids really won't call him "smelliott"! UGH!!!


Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

I love that movie!!!! I can't believe you hadn't seen it!!

Wiz said...

Where are you going to deliver. We had Colt at Baptist and loved it there! That is awesome about potty training. I am dreading it!!