Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our 1 Week Wonder

I knew this chic was ready to lose her diaper and get serious about potty training!! Less than 1 week after we ditched the pull ups and the diapers, Samantha Michelle is 100% potty trained. Think it sounds impossible?!?! I did too - but she was ready and I used the 3 Day Potty Training manual (for the most part) and here we are.

My definition of potty trained: dry at nap and bedtimes (with no diaper or pull up), poop and pee in the potty successfully and without being prompted, able to go in public with no accidents and use a public potty . . .

I seriously can't believe that she went from diaper all day every day to fully potty trained in such a short time . . . but clearly this girl has a will!!!!

We are soooooo proud of you Sammie!!!!!

And we are sooooo excited that for the 1st time in 4 1/2 years our house is diaper free . . . well, for 3 1/2 months anyway :) hahaha

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Tina. said...

YAY!!!!! Good job Sam!!