Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Trip to the Museum

The girls and I love to go to the museum - but we usually go during the day when Jayson's at work - so it was fun to have him along today. Sundays are awesome because they set all of the model trains in motion . . . and they had fun crafts for the girls to do that relate to one of the current exhibits about birds. The girls are in love with the bird exhbit!! Samantha loves the owls and the hawks and Marlie's favorite are the hummingbirds . . . I think that pretty much sums up their personalities nicely :)

This pic is blurry, but the girls love the bubble room!

Playing bean bag toss - or "bags" as they call it around here when they set them up at all the bars - that's right, we're teaching drinking games early!

Doing a craft and making an eagle puppet - poor Jayson - they didn't have any left handed scissors so it took him a little bit of time to do the cutting! ha!

Watching the conductor take care of the trains

Seriously loving the trains - very glad I picked up that train set for under the tree at an after Christmas sale! And if they like trains, it will make that train table I see in our future with a boy not seem like such an annoyingly large toy to take up space . . .you know, if all 3 of them like trains :)

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