Monday, February 28, 2011

Lessons on Money

I find it funny that Marlie started asking about money yesterday . . . maybe ironic is the word since I checked out Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover from the library today. But she has been asking because she saw a Disney Princess diary at the dollar spot in Target the other day and has not been able to forget about it! So she wanted to know how many monies she had to have to get that diary because she wanted it really bad!!! Now, I did explain a little bit about the diary, but she saw the lock and key on it and really didn't need an explanation!!
So finally after her nap today she came bouncing in to the room with her piggy bank in hand saying "Okay Mom, you said we could count some monies!" So we did, and of course, she had plenty. We talked about saving vs. spending and I was met with "Well if I decide that I want to spend the money in my piggy bank, Grandpa will put some more in there when I need it" ha!! We empty them often and put them in to their bank accounts . . . Grandpa fills them periodically, and they pick up our change whenever they can . . . but clearly after saving and spending comes earning?!?
She grabbed her coin purse and put her money in there - and of course, asked Samantha if she was going to get some money so she could pick out something . . . so we prepared Sam's coin purse and off to Target we went! And I have to say, this is the 1st time I think I have ever walked out of a Target spending nothing!!

A picture of their finds! They each paid separately and got their items and receipts in a bag ;) Marlie walked out with her diary . . . and Samantha, she picked out a stretchy spider that in the pic you can see the leg of stretching across her face. Since the moment she picked it off the shelf she has not only enjoyed playing with it, but also tossing it in her sister's face and getting a "GROSS!!!" response every time . . . just in case there was any question whatsoever about the differences between our 2 beautiful girls . . .

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Wiz said...

I love this idea! I think its never to early to start talking about saving money!