Friday, February 18, 2011

A Mini Vacation

We just got back from a little getaway to Atlanta to visit Grandma and Grandpa! It was a nice couple of days and of course, the girls did not want to leave.

We got some serious shopping done and got all of the girls' clothes and shoes for spring and summer. Clarksville is not a shopping mecca, so when we get to the big city, we have to get business taken care of in the shopping department! It was odd shopping for Marlie's clothes and shoes because we had to think about what would work for school too. School starts here the 2nd week of August, so for the 1st couple months kids still wear summer clothes . . . but it was weird thinking about "school clothes"! And of course, the baby boy got a few things too.

We also had some park time, a trip with Daddy to the fire station to visit a friend, and a super good dinner out for our 8th anniversary :) The girls also got their first 2 visits to the bowling alley in!

Jayson was obsessed with their shoes! I thought they were cute - he was baffled by the fact that they couldn't bowl in their socks like he did as a kid . . . I never remember bowling in socks . . .
but he's older! ha!
We also didn't have these little ramp things when I was a kid!

Samantha's favorite thing was to give high 5's after her shots!

It was a fun trip - and as always, time flew by too quickly. And I don't think I will ever understand how we seem to create more dirty laundry when we aren't at home . . . between the clothes everyone wore and the new clothes that needed to be washed and sorted, I spent around 6 hours doing laundry yesterday . . . ugh . . . but it's done :)

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