Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why Do They Love Me So Much??

We have 2 very blessed little girls! Not only do they have their grandparents that love them very much . . . they are fortunate enough to have a couple of "bonus" grandparents as well :) So with Valentine's Day approaching, they have received a few packages in the mail . . . a couple came on the same day and Marlie looked at me and asked "Why did we get these packages?" So I said "Because you have lots of people that love you" . . . and she said "Oh my - why do they love me so much?!" hehehe - I just told her "because you're you!"

Ripping in to a few cards - you can see some of their loot - lots of stickers and craft stuff came and Marlie grabbed some stuff and went to the other room really quickly . . .

She came back with this surprise for me! She told me to close my eyes because she had "a surprise for someone special who stays at home with her" . . . I was speechless!

And then after seeing how much I loved mine, she went and made this one for her Daddy!

This morning the girls and I headed to Chick Fil A this morning for breakfast and craft time! Can you tell they love breakfast!?!?

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